How to Create an Online Learning App for Your Students?

Creating an online learning app for your students is one of the promising ways to scale up your online education business. Choosing an LMS like Spayee has everything you need to create a fully-loaded branded learning app for your institute. It's hassle-free, simple to operate, quick, and you don't need any coding skills.

There are several LMS in the market which can help you launch a perfect online learning app. While choosing the LMS, you must look for a few features:

Access to study material

Your learners must be able to access your course content through your online learning app. That’s the whole point of opting for LMS in the first place. Giving your learners access to your course content through an online learning app is a great way to retain learners, build engagement & increase your brand visibility.

Easy to Navigate

Any online platform which is complex and doesn’t have a clean interface would never fetch the undivided attention of consumers, leave alone an app. An app requires additional space in someone’s smartphone. If you or your learners would find it difficult to operate, you must look for a different LMS. Spayee (Create and Sell Online Courses) is one such LMS which provides a clean, intuitive and simple user interface. 

Payment Gateway

There would be plenty of prospective students who would stumble upon your app in the google play store. Hence, it’s essential for them to be able to purchase your course within the app only.

Push Notification

An app needs constant update & upgrade. The learners must receive push notifications every time the system requires an update or you want to send across a notice. 

One step Checkout

Imagine learners clicking on the ad you ran to promote your courses online. Once they click on the ad and don’t land on the checkout page immediately, it would be havoc. It’s okay to promote other courses before a learner checks out but don’t unnecessarily lengthen the process.

Subscription Fees

Every LMS charges subscription fees monthly, quarterly or annually. Choose an LMS which aligns with your long term goals and budget. 

Hidden Charges

Most of the times, the subscription fees that you pay offers you basic, limited features. These limitations come in the form of the number of courses published or the number of learners enrolled or transaction charges. A lot of LMS service provider keeps some hidden charges over and above the fixed subscription charges. Steer clear of them before committing to a platform. Choose a platform which is transparent and has minimal hidden charges. 

Reliability & Security

You must opt for a tech solution which is reliable and secured. This becomes one of the most important factors while investing in an LMS. If any issues in similar lines persist, it has the potential to impact your credibility. Do your part of the research. Talk to their existing clients, go through the reviews and then come to a conclusion. You must trust your LMS with your learners’ & business data. 

Quality Customer Support

You must have confidence in your chosen LMS provider. There must be someone out there to help you while you face an issue. A great support team is gold.