Snake Diet Results (Snake Juice Diet)

There are so many diets to lose weight. All work differently and have different effects on every person depending on their body nature. Snake diet is a diet where you have to fast for long hours and have only 1 meal in before starting the other phase just like a snake does. Let us learn a few important notes about the snake diet and its effect.

Introduction of Snake Diet

Snake diets help one to reduce body weight very fast. Snake Diet is a diet where one fasts for a long time. In snake diet has fast for 24 to 48 hours and then a small window to eat of only 2 – 4 hours. It is a version of intermittent fast but a very intense one. One has to start with a fast of 48 hours or as long as possible and then have a window where you have to drink snake juice before you start the fasting again. This snake juice can be made at home with water, Himalayan pink salt, potassium chloride, and Epsom salt or snake juice can be bought online. Once one achieves their desired weight they can last for 24-48 hours with a time meal. Cole Robinson is the inventor of this diet.

There are 3 Phases of this diet

Phase 1 – In phase 1 one should fast for a minimum of 48 hours with a supplement of apple cider vinegar drink and snake juice. After 48 hours you can eat for the next 2 to 4 hours. And then go for phase 2.

Phase 2 – In phase 2 you have to fast to 48 to 96 hours as long as you can starve with one single meal. You have to continue the cycle of 48 – 96 hours fasting with one eating window till you reach your desired weight.

Phase 3 – This is the maintenance phase where you diet to maintain your weight. You have to fast for 24 – 48 hours with only one meal at regular intervals to maintain your weight. Here you have to listen to your body when you feel hungry.


Snake diet is effective but it is also risky. You go into ketosis in this diet. But as speedy the weight is lost the same way speedily you can easily gain weight again as soon as you go back to your normal diet. Fasting without having anything for days can be dangerous also. It can be difficult for some people to cope with fasting mentally and physically. It is not safe for people who are diabetic. According to some doctors, it's not safe to go on a snake diet. 

They say instead of exercise and eating a healthy diet would be safer. In a snake diet, your body uses the energy stored instead of calories so you lose weight more in less time. Your body needs some basic nutrients, calories, and energy, no intake of this can lead to serious bad effects on your health. Changes and risk of dehydration increases as you do fast for so long time.