Different Types of Canned Tomatoes You Need to Prepare Authentic Italian Dishes

Italian cuisine differs from the rest of the world because of its unique ingredients such as oregano seasoning, olive oil, native varieties of cheese & different kinds of canned tomatoes. The cooking process is simple, all you need is to add the right ingredient at the right time to stimulate a unique flavor. While talking about the major flavoring agents, tomatoes have a significant place.

In other recipes, we generally chop or grind fresh tomatoes to prepare gravies but the use of tomatoes in Italian cuisine is something different. Not only fresh, but we also need other kinds of variants such as semi-dried tomatoes or infused with other spices. If you want to gain complete information regarding tomatoes of Italian cuisine, read the following article carefully.

Types of tomatoes variants to buy for Italian recipes

1) Whole Plum Tomatoes Peeled with Basil Leaf

The infusion of whole plum tomatoes with basil leaves creates a whole new flavor that you will not get in freshly grounded gravy. It is one fo the primary sauce ingredients for smoky & appetizing dishes. You can use them by chopping, blending or just squeezing with hands.

2) Vodka tomato sauce

Please reconsider your perception if you think vodka is only popular in Russia. It also has a great significance in the preparation of authentic Italian dishes. The creamy tomato sauce of Vodka is perfect for traditional family meals including meat, pasta, chicken or fish recipes. This is actually a marinara sauce contains puree, olive oil, onion, sliced garlic, vodka, oregano, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, whey, dop pecorino romano cheese, sea salt, basil, black pepper apart from peeled tomatoes.

3) Whole red or yellow Datterino tomatoes

If you are looking for multipurpose San Marzano canned tomatoes, try whole red or yellow Datterino tomatoes. These canned tomatoes are unpeeled & preserved in water to prepare rich cream soups, sauces & gravies. The sweet taste with a unique balance of flavors & surprising color during cooking are some major reasons why these tomatoes are highly in demand. According to the requirement if texture, you can choose between red & yellow color.

4) Sun-dried tomatoes

As the name illustrates, these tomatoes are dried under sunlight to reduce the water content below 85-90%. They are expensive as compared to many other variants because you need up to 20 lbs fresh tomatoes to prepare 1 pound of sun-dried tomatoes. Apart from pure tomato packings, you can also avail them with an infusion of traditional Italian spices including basil, paprika & rosemary. These tomatoes act as appetizers and ingredients of vegetables cooking for obtaining a new flavor.

5) Semi-dried tomatoes

Rather than reducing water content, these tomatoes are preserved in oil during their partial drying process.  You will avail them in quarter cuts with a fresh taste. Use them for preparing pasta, rice, vegetable salad or cold dishes.

Out of Italy, it may be not possible to avail all authentic brad products such as San Marzano tomato sauce or whole plum peeled tomatoes by Nina in your local store. Therefore, search them on authentic Italian online food stores.