Cakes that have Become Popular Over the World

There are no happy occasions that can be complete without cutting a cake. Be it birthdays, or happy parties or anniversaries or weddings, there have to be a cake for all the happiness. In fact, having a cake can also lift up the bad mood.

There are several varieties of cakes available in the bakeries these days and for cake delivery online one can also order from sites and send some happiness to their near and dear ones. In fact, there are many traditional cakes of some particular region which have becomes worldwide name and recipe now. Here are some of them:

Italy – Tiramisu

In Italian this word means ‘pick me up’. It is a caffeinated and sugary cake which can be found in every dessert menu of Italy. They are made with some deep layers of coffee and also heaped with proper mascarpone cheese. Along with that they are whipped with sugar and eggs and in this sponge cake some coffee liquor is also added for those who love this flavour.

Germany -- Black Forest Cake

This one is another sponge cake loaded with chocolates and there is a use of abundance of cherries there. Along with the use of cherries and whipped cream there is also a use of cherry brandy and so every bite gives a kind of feeling a drink of cocktail.

United States –- Cheesecake

This cake has its origin as ancient as from the Greek times and this one tastes like a sweetened lump of cheese. The Romans also have a baked version of it and they have a lot of aromatic bay leaves and honey. But the contemporary cold cheese cake happened after the invention of cream cheese after the late 1800s. Though eggs, cheese and sugar are used here sometimes a crust of crushed cookies is also used on the top.

Malaysia and Singapore -- Pandan Cake

This one is essentially a chiffon cake and this one is properly infused with some green coloured juice extracted from pandanus palm (it is a very common ingredient in the cooking of that region). They have a lot of flavours like chicken, sticky rice and curry. Then they are infused with a chiffon cake and they taste heavenly.

France –- Madeleines

This is a classic French cake and it has a scallop shaped appearance. It is a little delicacy and they taste buttery, light and fluffy. They are always supposed to be eaten fresh out of the oven.

Australia –- Lamington

It looks like a sponge cake and it has coconut sprinkles along with proper chocolate coatings. This cake was named after Lord Lamington who was the governor of Queensland. This has become a national icon of Australia now. Raspberry jams are used to fill the cake and then chocolate ganche is used as a coating here.

New Zealand – Pavlova

They are made with egg whites and the slow baking process gives it a different flavour. Summer fruits are heaped on it.

One can also order personalised birthday cakes and choose the design and flavours for it as well.