The Rising Trend of Smartphones and Mobile Applications in the Market

The market size of the mobile device in Qatar is expected to reach 7.15 million in recent years, according to a report. This growth proves that the Arab State of Persian Gulf, Qatar, has millions and billions of mobile phone users. And why not, smartphones serve the needs of the regular problems with a few clicks.

Whether you want to play games, shop online or face time with your loved ones, all you need is a smartphone. This multi-utility product has boosted the sale of mobile companies and encouraged them to come out with better solutions every day.

Along with mobile phones, mobile applications are also counted among the best technological advancement in the Arab market. These apps are generally designed to not only solve the local problem but also to make a global impact. And the businesses do not hesitate to incorporate this amazing development in their practice as well.   

And there are more than a single way to get the benefits from a small business application. Give them all a read and know better about them.

1. Visibility to the brand

It is known that a normal person spends an average of 160 to 162 minutes on his smartphone. A majority of this time is given to the mobile applications that he prefers to use daily.

If your visitors get in contact with your app while scrolling through the play stores, websites or search engine, it will increase the chances of downloading it.

It will surely increase the visibility and demand of the brand. So, look for a mobile app designer near you to get an app for your business today!

2. App gives insights

With the help of mobile applications, it gets easier to know better about the interested audience and their buying patterns. You will also come across the custom reports that will help in the development of the business. The apps also help in real-time analytics that will help to optimize the practice well. Also, these insights will let you know whether the current marketing strategy for your brand is working or not. If not, you can implement a new strategy.

3. Interact with the customers

The best thing about the mobile application is it acts as a bridge between the customer and the company. The customer can directly get in contact with the business 24*7. Whether they want to indulge in shopping late night or gather some information related to the product, a mobile app serves all the purpose.

Also, the customers find it easier to give their feedback over the products and services with the help of mobile apps.

4. Acts as a modern marketing channel

Generally, the branding strategy recommends the businesses to place holdings for the visibility of the brand and distribute pamphlets to let the customers know about the offers and discounts. But a single mobile app can do all these things alone. So, it gets easier for the businessmen to save money to perform all these and many more activities.


With all these benefits, mobile apps are gaining popularity in every type of industry. The apps are not only good for the businesses but also for the customers. They do not have to rush to the brick and motor shops to get what they want. It saves a lot of money and also the efforts.

The future tells that mobile apps are going to be the compulsion for running the business. Therefore, it is important to look for an experienced mobile application development company in Qatar. There are a variety of digital services that can help these businesses. Choose the best in the market that understands the modern needs of the businesses.