Simple Tips to Clean Convection Oven Easily and Quickly

Convection oven cleaning is a really hard and a messy task that many of us find it difficult to perform. The Convection ovens are different from the standard ovens. They operate in a unique way compared to regular ovens. Convection ovens work faster when roasting foods like meats and vegetables. The foods get cooked faster at low temperature but the interiors of the convection remains moist. This helps to save energy.

Dirty convection looks horrific and the food remains stuck in the interior of the oven could make your convection oven inefficient. This makes your oven to take a longer time to cook food and the baked cakes, pizzas, roasted foods may taste different and funny too. Here are some easy and quick ways to clean your convection oven.

Simple Oven Cleaning Product and Scrub Brush

Remove the racks in the convection oven so that you can wash the interior of the oven comfortably.  Now choose an oven cleaning product and apply to the interior parts of the convection oven, before getting into the washing of the oven read specific instructions on the oven and make sure that you wear gloves because most of the cleaners are harsh on the skin. You can also use a natural cleaner as an alternative to harsh cleaning products. Use a scrub brush to wipe away the cleaner after it has been applied for a certain amount of time. Use an old toothbrush to scrub the spots that are dirty and has black spots present on various parts of the interior.  After cleaning the interior portion use some soap solution and water to wash the racks thoroughly. Sometimes food spills get collected on the racks and get stuck firmly in the bottom of the oven.  So make sure to clean the racks properly, once the interior of the convection oven is clean, place the oven racks correctly.

Use Dishwashing Liquid and Dryer Sheets

Use dryer sheets and dishwashing liquids for effortless cleaning of your convection oven racks. Line your bathtub with dryer sheets and lay the oven racks on the dryer sheets, fill the tub with warm water and some soap solution such that it has enough water to cover the racks. Allow this solution to stay overnight, then in the morning drain the tub and use the dryer sheets to clean the convection oven racks. Dryer sheets help to separate the food spills from the racks and the presence of softening agents softens the firmly stuck baked and roasted food.

Use Baking Soda and White Vinegar

Remove all the things present inside the convection oven. Then take some baking soda and few tablespoons of water to make a baking soda paste. Apply the paste all over the interior parts of the surface to the best of your abilities. Pay some extra attention to greasy areas. Allow the mixture to stay overnight, then wipe out the dried baking soda paste using a damp dishcloth. After wiping out the baking soda paste, spray little vinegar so that it will react with the baking soda to form a foam.  Again wipe out the foam until all the residue of baking soda is gone. This gives the Convection oven a clean and shiny look.

Use Lemon Squeeze

Cleaning an oven with natural products is effective and easy. The lemon and citrus oil works well on grease. Take two lemons and cut them in half and squeeze the juices in the baking dish. Add some water to the lemon squeeze and place the remaining casings in the dish. Place the dish in the oven and bake it at 230 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 30 min. As the water and lemon squeeze heat up, the vapors cling to the sludge making it loose enough to wipe away. Remove the dish and allow some time to cool down the oven. Then use a scouring pad to scrub away the dirt and black greasy spots in the interior of the convection oven.

Use Degreaser

It is really tough to remove something that drips off in the oven and settles itself on the bottom of the oven like Pizza cheese, buttercream, and chocolate melt, etc. This makes the oven dirty and also spoils the taste of the food and smells smoky if the convection oven is not cleaned properly on a regular basis. Use degreaser spray to spray the oven interior and leave it for some time. Then use a scouring pad to scrub away the black spots and oil stains.  Now finally use a damp cloth to wash off the foams thoroughly and properly.

Use of Commercial Oven Cleaners

Always take care of your hands before working with any cleaners or spraying solutions. Most of the cleaners contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your hands. To protect your hands, put on rubber gloves and use oven & grill cleaner to spray the solution on both sides of the racks. Leave the racks for some time and then use an old cloth or a toothbrush to scrub the dirt spots. Before replacing the racks rinse the rack thoroughly and wipe it properly with a soft clean cloth.