Important Reasons for Buying A Smartphone Insurance

Cell phones are a necessary piece of our lives today as our entire information is stored in this small gadget. A cell phone is one such valued device to improve the quality of life. Thus, to secure this valuable belonging, smartphone insurance providers are gaining momentum. A mobile phone is not only a talking gadget but it contains important data and thus one needs to ensure its security.

In the wake of purchasing a costly smartphone worth several dollars, one needs to assess the various risks associated with the gadget. As accidents and burglaries can't be avoided from, purchasing a smartphone insurance policy is the only in choice for ensuring a replacement of your valued belongings.

Finding a reasonable cell phone protection policy is the fundamental objective of any cell phone owner. With various insurance companies offering cell phone protection plans, carrying various risk coverage and premiums, buyers need to study the plans cautiously to comprehend the pros and cons. With the inadequate knowledge of different cell phone protection policies, you may wind up settling on the wrong decision. For the most part, after purchasing a new mobile phone, the companies give the customers 30 days’ grace period to purchase the company’s insurance plans.

5 important reasons for buying smartphone insurance -

1: The Replacements are costlier and deductibles are actually lower than the cost of a new cell phone

Individuals with smartphone insurance are sometimes surprised to find that they need to pay a deductible when filing a claim. But just due to the fact that you have to pay the deductible when filing a claim does not mean that insurance is worthless. With the insurance plan, you will still turn out a route ahead. The average expense of non-contract cell phone i.e. one that does not desire remarkably low cost when you sign a multi-year contract is $545. The normal deductible is a lot lower, even when considering monthly insurance charges.

2: A good protective case does not cover everything

Making use of protective phone cases is a smart call since it is everything that comes between your cell phone and an unforgiving sidewalk, it does not prevent your mobile phone from getting lost, stolen and suffering from irreparable water damage. Approximately 70 million mobile phones are lost, stolen or harmed every year at the rate of 2.4 phones each second! And EverythingBreaks, in contrast to most other organizations, covers everything like accidental damage, malfunction, liquid damage and in some cases smaller wear and tear.

3: Filing an insurance claim is simple

According to popular belief, filing cell phone insurance claim is not any kind of pain and you won’t be on hold for quite a long time. With the third party online insurance providers, you can file a claim for 24 hours a day, seven days a week over a phone call or through their website. Furthermore, many of them send approximately 95 % of its replacement cell phones out for next business day delivery. That beats making of an appointment at your nearby mobile phone carrier for the benefit of paying maximum for a replacement.

4: Outside repairers are risky

Generally, you might not have the choice to get your smartphone repaired if it breaks. If your smartphone can be fixed, you have a few choices, however, the gadget repairs often void the manufacturer's warranty on your cellphone. For the most part, this does not make a difference to lost, stolen or waterlogged devices. In addition, if anything happens to it, the manufacturer is off the hook and you are stuck with a bill.

5: Peace of mind

Some believe that protection plans are just not a good value since you likely won’t ever require it. But it is worth when you accidentally damage your phone. It truly gives peace of mind. Hence, insuring your smartphone is worth.
Similarly, you may likewise never get into a car accident but you still need car insurance. The reality is you are taking a risk without smartphone insurance. EverythingBreaks offers a plan you need.

Bottom line

Try not to take your risks. Smartphone insurance, similar to vehicle and health coverage, is worth and not any scams.  But do not simply believe it blindly. Read the real customer reviews that are totally benefited from the broken screen, liquid damage, and even lost or stolen phone in 24 to 48 hours.

Protecting your device with third-party smartphone insurance plans can also be beneficial to save more. In the end, the budget is the primary factor in the purchase of smartphone insurance. Lack of adequate data on different protection plans accessible in the market, prevent us from settling on the optimal decision.  The popular perception is that a costly plan would cover a great range of risks whereas the inexpensive plan would have limited coverage. But it is great to find that policies covering similar risks have different premiums. Therefore, get the best deals on your smartphone insurance by trustworthy providers.