17 Tips to Keep Insects, Rodents, and Pests Away from Your Yard

The main thing that ruins your party, get together gathering, barbeque party or picnic in your backyard is the pests and rodents that settle in the backyard. So have you experienced or faced the same situation? Do you get ants, insects, spiders, rodents, rats, and many other pests in your yard? Then here are some basic and useful tips to keep the pests away from your yards, so that you can enjoy your party to the fullest.

1. Identify the pests causing damage

Start identifying the creature that is causing the damage and according to their behavior and habits you can identify a proper solution to keep them away.

2. Keep your yard clean

Eliminate the areas of the backyard to control pests. Clear the nesting areas, cut tall grasses, seal places where rodents can crawl, cover the compost, clean any food remains, bird and fruit seed to prevent entering raccoons and squirrels.

3. Trim trees and bushes

Properly maintain your yard to avoid increase of the pests and their nests. Regularly trim the trees and bushes in your yard to avoid them.

4. Use pest repellents

You can make use of repellents, pest deterrents or grow aromatic plants in the yard to act as barrier pests and insects. This will help your backyard to keep the pests at bay.

5. Monitor pest population

You can use insect traps to monitor pest population and to gather other appropriate information that will help you decide to take action against them, so as to avoid and eliminate pests from the home and yard.

6. Keep an eye on all the furniture at your yard

Check all the chairs, tables and other wooden furniture at your yard to see that any spider webs and egg hacks are present under your furniture. Remove all of them and also apply some insect repellent liquid.

7. Clean the messed-up things

Clean up all the clutter in the yard because pests like to shelter among the clutter and they provide an excellent dwelling place for insects and rodents.

8. Eliminate standing water

Get rid of standing water in the yard to control the growth of mosquitoes. Standing water is the breeding ground for mosquitoes and it will help them to grow at a faster rate. So it is important for you to walk through the yard and check regularly for standing water. Remove all the unwanted things like plastic bottles, pail, and cans that are used to hold water. Also, keep the garbage containers totally covered to avoid breeding of insects.

9. Use Mosquito repellent products

Whenever you are planning for a party in the evening at your backyard then mosquitoes are the most active pest during that time, so you can use insect repellent products before the start of the party. To avoid mosquito bites during the party, you can wear long sleeves and pants.

10. Avoid overfeeding plants

Avoid overfeeding of the plants as they provide an abundance of food for the small insects and pests. So limiting the amount of the plant foods in your yard can help you to reduce the overgrowing of plants that will also limit the insects that thrive off the plant.

11.  Seal all the gaps and holes

Look for any gaps around your yard and seal all of them whether it is small or large. This will help you to prevent the entering of bugs, rats and other pests.

12. Don’t stock firewood near your home and yard

The firewood stacked at your home shed or in the backyard makes it easy for small termites to damage the property. It is also a great place for the rodents to get hide and make their shelters. So you need to keep away the stock of firewood away from your home and yard.

13. Use household ingredients to tackle pests

You can use some common substances like salt, flour, beer that are completely safe for humans, but they can be seriously toxic to the insects, snails, and slugs.

14.  Clean food spills and crumbs from the yard

Ants always lookout for food and water and they are often seen in the backyard and at home. So to prevent ant infestations it is necessary to clean up the food spills and crumbs. You need to keep the screens and cracks repaired. Also, keep the unwanted plants and bushes from touching the exterior of your yard.

15. Set fruit fly traps

The fruit flies can be another problem as they tend to enter your yard if you have fruit trees around it. During the summer, the fruits get ripen quickly and get decomposed quickly in the hot temperatures. The sweet fruit attracts the fruit flies and enters your yard. So you can set up fruit fly traps and maintain regularly the trees bearing fruits.

16.  Build a boundary at your yard

Build a boundary at your yard to keep away the ticks. Mulch will discourage the growth of the ticks from crossing over the yard and will also eliminate the ticks.

17. Go for a pest control service

Hire a pest control service to regularly check your home, yard and spray for the pests and rodents. Pest control services are really helpful as they can provide the right solutions to eliminate the pests from your area.