Kitchen Extensions - Points to Consider

When you are thinking of extending your kitchen, the same as with any part of your home, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. You may have set your sights on a new space to prepare food, eat and spend time with friends and family, but first, you need to plan carefully. Here are a few tips to consider when expanding your kitchen.

Plan your extension with care

It may sound relatively simple, but many people 'don't plan the interior of an extension properly before the work is carried it out – this is definitely not ideal for the room we arguably spend the most time in. The way you plan to use your new kitchen extension will affect how much space you need, and therefore, the size of the extension. By designing the interior of your new kitchen, it allows for each element to lock into place properly, making sure you don't leave empty space or have enough space for you to get around. Plan where each element of hand-built kitchens will be placed, and you can visualise how things will fit together – this definitely helps to create a look and feel that you are comfortable with.

Deciding where to place the extension

This point is very dependant on your home, as of course, each house is different. Is your extension going to be an entirely new room, or will it be an enlargement of your current space? If you are expanding your existing kitchen, then you've got to choose which wall or side of the kitchen that will be extended, by how much and what will you put in it.

If you choose to create a new room, then you need to decide where it will be on your house. Which rooms will it attach to? Where can you extend on your property? Does this meet your ideal requirements? Make sure that you aren't overextending and leaving yourself too little exterior space around your property also.

Making the look and feel of your extension suit you

Obviously, you want to be proud of your brand-new extension, and you want it to look amazing. There are a few things to do to ensure that your new kitchen is perfect:
  • Ensure you have found an architect which you trust and are satisfied with. Your architect the creator of your living space, so you definitely want to be comfortable with them.
  • Choose the hand-built kitchen to suit you. You’ll be looking and using your kitchen every day, and you want to be proud of the look and feel of the units and pieces of the extension. Pick designs that you like and that match your home. Take your time with this, as it’s a big decision for your house. The right company will help you visualise your new kitchen in the extension, often via computer imaging. Make sure you explore different layout options to see what works best for you.

Price your extension

Knowing your budget to make your dream hand-built kitchen is essential – you don't want to over-plan and then have to make last-minute sacrifices which ruins your perfect space. Plan each aspect of the build and split the budget, so your options for each element are clear. This will help you strike that excellent balance between price, functionality and aesthetics. You definitely don't want a large space which you can't afford to fill or a small, crowded kitchen which is overfilled with things you don't need.

Considering all the above is essential to get the right size, design and price for your new kitchen extension, which will provide you with a space you'll be able to enjoy for years to come.