How to Make Your Own Built-in Home Office

What if you could go to work in your pajamas every day?

When you have a built-in home office, you can take your productivity to the next level. And before you know it, working from home will be second nature!

However, not everyone knows the secret to create a good home office. Before you take out the hammer and keep reading to discover our comprehensive guide. 

Start With the Center

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And the journey to create a built-in office begins with the center of the action.

At its core, this means focusing on your computer desk. However, we recommend thinking of this as more than just another computer desk. Instead, this is your command station!

You need to make sure the area is spacious enough on top for your computer and your work accessories. It should also be spacious enough below for your legs and things like the desktop computer tower.

By focusing on what you want from this area, you will get a better idea of how much space is left to work on the rest of the office.

Find Sturdy Material

Be warned: creating a home office involves a lot of DIY labor. In order to make everything go smoothly, make sure that you have high-quality materials for the project.

You may have access to local hardware stores and other vendors that will have the wood and other materials you may need. If not, we recommend ordering the kinds of shelves and materials you need from a trusted online vendor such as IKEA.

Once you get good at building these things, you might even take on some other project. This is one of many things to consider during your DIY adventure.

The Power of Cabinets

Beyond the computer desk, you are going to need a place to keep all of your things. To do this, we recommend creating some built-in cabinets to use throughout your home office.

These cabinets are a great way to keep a space clean and organized. You can throw all of your important paperwork and materials inside without making your office look cluttered.

Such cabinets are also great if you will ever entertain clients inside your home office. They create an elegant look that makes the office look spacious and professional, which helps to keep the clients coming back.

Cord Madness

When you want your office to look professional, there is one thing that will always get in your way: all the wires.

A modern home office has many electronic components to it. You will likely have a computer, a lamp, and a television. You may also have other accessories such as speakers and home automation devices to worry about.

This is why you need a cord trough. As the name implies, this is a special organizer that helps to keep all of your various cords organized into one area.

Keeping cords organized goes a long way to making your space look professional and free of clutter. And it also makes it easier than ever to make adjustments to the wires without having to move every item in your office.

The Right Colors

We've talked a lot about building a computer desk and cabinets for your office. However, have you considered what color you want these items to be?

At first, it may be tempting to use a bold and adventurous color. For example, pastel blue or cherry red is sure to catch the eye.

However, such colors may make the space seem less professional and more frivolous. And this can leave a bad impression on your visitors.

If you think you'll be entertaining many clients, we recommend sticking with the modern look of black furniture. Alternatively, you can use natural colors to add to the color palette without turning visitors off.

Books Within Reach

Like we said before, cabinets are a great way to keep your work supplies hidden. There is one exception to this that we recommend: you need to get a bookshelf (or two).

Such shelves help you keep your most important work-related books within easy reach. And not having to open and close cabinets to get such books can be a real time-saver over the years.

As a bonus, displaying these books can show clients your level of education and expertise in your particular field. This can inspire their confidence in you before you have even started the conversation.

The Right Lights

Let's say you've built the home office of your dreams. But do you know what kind of lighting you should add to the area?

Lights directly overhead can actually cause a glare on your eyes and on your screen. For this reason, we recommend getting a lamp or two to use on your desk.

One solid kind of lamp for this purpose are halogen puck lights. They provide a lot of solid lighting and are easy to plug in through the cord organizer we mentioned earlier.

Don't stop at your computer desk, either. These little lights make fine additions for your cabinets and bookshelves as well!

Ergonomic Furniture

Once you've built a great home office, you're going to end up spending a lot of time in there. This is why you need to make sure you aren't slowly killing your back, neck, and fingers!

We highly recommend investing in ergonomic furniture and accessories. Examples include ergonomic chairs that provide special back support for all those long hours you'll be putting in.

Ergonomic keyboards can also keep your hands from cramping up through frequent typing. Finally, ergonomic monitor stands can make sure you aren't painfully craning your neck to get a good look at the computer screen.

Making a Built-In Home Office: The Bottom Line

Now you know the secrets to make a built-in home office. But do you know where to get more secrets to improve your everyday life?

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