Best Exterior House Paint Colors to Make Your House More Vibrant

Did you know that painting the exterior of your home could lead to a 55 percent increase in your ROI?

Buyers are always attracted by what they see. A visually appealing exterior will bring in more prospective buyers. More house visits mean more offers.

However, choosing the right exterior house paint colors can get quite confusing and frustrating.

To help, here are a few suggestions you should consider:

1. White

Without a doubt, white paint makes the perfect color for exterior siding. However, if you don’t want a lot of white in your house exterior, off-white paints like snowbound, white dove and china white can give your home a softer pleasing look.

They could also make your home stand out if you combined them with some dark accents colors. Try combining dark paint finishes like grey or black with white surfaces to create a visual treat.

2. Red

If you’re looking to go bold, red could make an excellent house color. It makes a great accent color for railings and front doors. You could also pair it with neutral accents like white and grey to provide your house with a warm, inviting look.

Also, consider pairing red paint with opposite shades like blue or pine green to style your home. However, make sure to have the shades combined in balanced proportions to even out the look.

3. Green

Apart from beige, green is the other safest exterior color to paint your house. It has a calming shade which blends with whatever landscaping you have. You could pair sage green paint with wood trims and brick accents for gorgeous landscaping.

If not, consider pairing it with white accents along with the shutters, trims, and front door for a crisp look.

4. Yellow

Yellow is a beautiful color that can help add some brightness to your home.

However, it’s crucial to identify the shades of yellow you want as it can easily make your home look tacky or out of place. If you’re working with burnt orange or red stones, you should consider choosing a softer yellow paint as an accent.

To the contrary, if you’re working with dark shades like grey or brown, consider picking a brighter, crisper yellow to counter the dark shades. A warm, bright yellow paint will perfectly pair with a clean white surface. Yellow could also work well as an accent color for trims or shutters.

5. Pink

Millennial pink may sound like a daring color, but it’s, in fact, a soft almost-neutral color scheme. It may work well either as an exterior siding or as an accent color for front doors, trims, and shutters.

Consider painting it over wood or brick and pairing it with dark moody accents, for instance, hunter green shutters, black front door, and blackened light fixtures for a sophisticated look.

6. Black

It’s impossible not to stand out with a black exterior. The dark shade accentuates your home’s exterior making angles and hard lines even sharper.

The color pairs well with white trim, wood decking, and contemporary railings. It also adds a defining edge to the home when painted on trims, front doors, or the exterior siding.

7. Vibrant Gold

If your house is in a shadowy spot, this bold color may be the best exterior house paint for your home. Its brightness will pull your house away from the darker background. Consider pairing it with white accents on the front door and window trims to further brighten your home.

For this project, consult your painting company to know which painting method would best serve the work. Your designer may suggest spraying or painting. Read this info. to have an idea of which method better suits your project.

8. Brown

If you’ve got a Craftsman-styled farmhouse, consider painting it brown for a traditional and homey look.

It’ll provide a warm and inviting look, especially when used as an exterior siding in dark brown, tan, or light brown shades. Other exterior elements like railings and stained wood front doors will help complement this rustic look.

9. Blue

Another bold color that can help brighten your space is blue. Pairing it with a white accent and a red front door could make your home stand out in your neighborhood. Blue could also blend well with other bold accent shades.

For instance, you could pair dusty lavender-gray painted shutters with a bright turquoise front door on your white house. The grayish purple will provide a refined accent on the shutters, while the turquoise directs attention to the foot door.

10. Steely Gray

By itself, steely gray will make a lifeless exterior. However, you can warm it up by pairing it with a bright color accent like orange. A contrasting material like wood can help complement this look, especially if stained to medium or dark color.

11. Orange

Orange is another high-energy color that’s not easy to use. Still, it can make a great paint choice to window trims, front doors, and railings.

Since orange is bright, pair it with soothing neutral hues to avoid making it look too garish. Consider painting it on frames of front doors with glass panels.

Alternatively, pair it with dark soothing accents. For instance, pair your orange front door to a cool gray exterior.

Choose the Best Exterior House Paint Colors for Your Home

It’s crucial that you choose on the best exterior house paint colors that positively impact on the curb of your home.

While the exterior paint color should express your individual style, you should also take into consideration the ROI you’ll get when you choose to sell your home. Nonetheless, ensure to keep an eye on current color schemes to see what may work for your home.

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