7 Amazing Dream Kitchen Makeover Ideas for Small Home

Many homeowners pay more attention to their living room and bathroom, furnishing these areas with high-tech decor that really makes them beautiful to behold.

Ask them what their plan for their kitchen is; don’t be shocked if you get a response like this “my kitchen? It’s so tiny that I barely have a space to slice my cabbage. So, all I do there is breeze-in, get my meals ready and zoom, off I go."

Well, if you belong to this category, here is something you need to know. Having a small cooking space doesn't mean that it isn't worth a facelift. Frankly speaking, the smaller your home, the better and easier it is to give it that ambiance you’ll love to prepare your meal in.

In case you never knew, as simple as a glass display cabinet may be, it can enhance the look of your kitchen, and even make it more functional.

Come on, read down to get these clever ideas that will help you do more with your small space without sacrificing style. 

✔    A Glass Display Cabinet Will Bring Your Kitchen Up-to-date

Are your cabinets in good shape to save? In case they need nothing less than an update, adding glass to your kitchen cabinet is sure to make the most significant impact. You might be considering that a shiny semi-gloss paint can do the job. The truth is that; paint on your cabinet looks very 1975’s. Having a glass display cabinet will not only save you from the stress of painting your cabinet almost every year. Glass cabinetswill also lighten up your kitchen space, give you better access to any utensil without having to open each drawer in search of the least kitchen utensil.

✔    White Concrete Countertops is Simple Yet Stunning Idea

Quartz granite of countertops can change the whole look on your kitchen. For your small kitchen space, having a sizeable quartz countertop well-fitted on your kitchen work surface will r definitely not break the bank. Well, before you hang yourself about the cost of getting quartz granite countertops, don’t worry about that, keep your mind open to this less traditional idea.
With a pure white concrete countertop, it is a sure bet that you'll love the warmer and calm radiance of beauty it will give to your kitchen. As a versatile piece of countertops, white concrete countertops will rock your kitchen to a clean backdrop.

Brightly Colored Tiles Will Make A Perfect Backsplash

Is your kitchen space really small? Here is another great way to give it a high pitch with yet another fantastic makeover idea.

The backsplash is another area you can decide to splurge with some nice-looking tile. Yes, I mean some stunning and gorgeous tiles. Like it will interest you to know, the backsplash is the jewellery of your kitchen, so you really have to make it glow. And having your backsplash floored with elegant bright-colored tiles means giving your kitchen space an all-around radiance of elegance from every side.

✔    Create A Message Centre; It Works Wonder

A simple bulletin board, whiteboard, and calendar can do save you a great deal. With such features in your kitchen, you can easily keep track of items that are out of stock, and also note important dates where you can get the best deals for your kitchen needs.

Even when you aren’t home, your guess should be able to find their way around your kitchen with a directory note on your bulletin board.  See, your hubby wouldn't need to turn the kitchen over in search of kitchenware.

✔    Illuminate the Setting with Pendant Lights

Here is the sun in your kitchen. Your makeover wouldn't be complete without a piece of a pendant light that will brighten up your kitchen. While your pendant lights hang down from the ceiling, it throws a beam of the bright ray on your backsplash, countertops, kitchen floor and even your appliances. In response, your appliances, countertops and the squeaky floor will reflect the incident rays to brighten up the ambiance of your kitchen seamlessly.
A luxe pendant light is absolutely the epitome of prettiness to your kitchen. 

✔    A Separate Container Makes Disposing and Recycling Easy

Another simple way to keep your kitchen always clean and sparkling is having a handy container for trash. Pieces of glass, metals or even snack packs can get your kitchen space looks crowded and tinier for your convenience.  

✔    A Glossy Set of Appliances Gives the Last Drop of Beauty

Spending so much time and money doing a thorough kitchen makeover won’t give you an appealing sense of beauty without a complementing set of appliances. Well, if you think your appliances are still intact, that’s fine but if the other way round, more work is needed.

You can crown your kitchen with the final drop of magnificence glass cabinets or with a set of clean and shiny stainless-steel appliances. While choosing these, make sure to fit them up in the right spot that will give you the flexibility of moving dishes around them easily.