When Are PVC Strip Doors Better Than Standard Doors?

There’s an old joke that goes “When is a door, not a door?” Answer: when it’s a-jar. Of course, the joke only works if you are thinking about a solid door. If you also consider pvc strip doors the joke ceases to make sense, because one reason to use a strip curtain is to avoid the door being left ajar. Other reasons include ease of access, temporary barriers and keeping pests at bay.

When you need to keep the warmth in (or out)

When a solid door is opened warm air will mix with cold, and this could result in heat losses or difficulty in regulating temperatures. For example, if a cold store may need to be accessed frequently while moving the stock in and out and a polar grade strip curtain door will minimise temperature increases by creating a barrier between the cold air inside the store and the warm air outside.

Anti-static strip curtains are sometimes used in much the same way in data centres, keeping air-conditioned areas zoned which allows the air-conditioning to work more efficiently by only cooling the air that needs to be refrigerated.

When you need to move freely between areas

Doors are used to create a barrier between two zones. A solid door, however, creates a substantial obstruction which needs to be moved out of the way every time you need to access one zone or another. This can be difficult if workers are carrying materials, or driving vehicles such as forklift trucks. A strip door offers a good solution, allowing ease of passage while still creating a visible barrier.

Strip curtain doors also act as good noise insulators, which can ensure a better working environment where noise is a factor, but freedom of movement is required. Once through the strip curtain noise levels are reduced ensuring neighbouring areas are kept quieter.

When you want to keep pests out

Warehouses are like magnets to certain creatures such as pigeons, rats and insects, but can cause serious problems, especially if they damage goods or create health and safety concerns. While they may be bold enough to slip through open windows or doors, they are rarely able to push through a PVC strip curtain and rarely bold enough to try while the door is in use. A strip curtain allows you to leave, for example, a delivery bay “open” without it inviting vermin onto your site.

When you need a temporary barrier

Machinery can start with a little warning, and there may be forklifts or other vehicles moving around the bays. PVC strip curtains come into their own in allowing you to segregate an open area temporarily. The curtains can be pulled aside on their tracks when not required and pulled into place when access is restricted. Opaque marker strips can even be included in such curtains to make it doubly clear that the area ahead should be entered with caution, or not at all.

When you need cleanliness

Warehouses and factory floors can be complicated and hazardous places. PVC is a durable and easy to clean material which makes it a good choice for areas, such as food preparation zones, where cleanliness is of paramount importance. On a day to day basis, the PVC strips are easy to wipe down and can be made from antimicrobial blends to limit the spread of infection further. Moreover, the strips are relatively inexpensive allowing them to be replaced regularly to ensure there is no build-up of bacteria or viral agents.