What is plasma cutting machine and how it need to be selected?

Plasma cutting: It is a melting process where a jet of ionised gas at high temperature of approximately above 20,000 degree Celsius which is used to melt. It also helps to expel material from the cut. During the process, an electric arc is struck between an electrode and the workpiece in which one is cathode and another in anode. The electrode is nothing but recessed in a water or sir cooled gas nozzle that constricts the arc which causes the narrow, high velocity, high temperature plasma jet to form.

When the plasma jet hits the recombination, workpieces take places and the gas reverts to its nominal state and also emitting intense heat as it does. The heat produce will melt the metal and the gas flow also ejects it from the cut. Plasma gases are also hydrogen, nitrogen and argon. These gases are been inserted which can be replaced by air but this also requires a special electrode of zirconium and hafnium. Uses of these compressed air makes the variant of the plasma processes competitive. With the oxy-fuel. The process for cutting carbon manganese and stainless steels up to 20mm thick.

How to select plasma machine

With the affordable prices of plasma machines and with smaller sized machines, portable are flooding the market. It is the time to take a serious concern regard plasma machine and for your cutting applications. The benefits of plasma cutting machines includes ease of use, higher quality cuts, as well as faster travel speeds.

Plate and structural steel are the bread and butter for every sector. That can also be the part of multiple other techniques for ferrous cutting such as abrasive water jet, saw, laser, and abrasive wheel and oxy/fuel cutting. However, plasma cutting machines has distinct advantages in many more applications. This information is highly helpful and beneficial for those who are looking for new machines.

Choosing the correct plasma machine

  1. Examine the thickness of the metal which are used very frequently for cutting, as plasma machine are famous for their cutting abilities and amperage. 
  2. Machine will get the optimal desired cutting speed, production houses generally needs widely different needs of cutting speeds.
  3. How will the plasma cutter starts, air is the best insulator and plasma need the air to ionize in order to maintain the current flows which need to form a plasma.
  4. Portable is essential if possible, even on the plant floor
  5. Durability is important for most industrial application
  6. Safety is one of the major concern for every industry.

What is plasma cutting technology?

In simplest terms, plasma cutting machine is a process which uses a highly velocity jet of ionised gas that also deliver from a constricting orifice. Higher velocity ionized gas, which is mostly plasma, conducts electricity from torch of the plasma machine to the work piece. The plasma try to heat the workpiece, by melting machine. The high velocity stream of ionized gas mechanically blows the severing material, molten metal away and making the cuts.