Unique Anniversary Ideas for Your Unique Love: 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Flowers. Candy. Maybe a piece of jewelry. Dinner and a movie. Do these sound like your standard anniversary gifts and dates? Do you struggle, year after year, to find something unique and fun to do for your anniversary?

If so, you're in the right place. Banish boring anniversary gifts and dates this year and blow your partner's mind with these 5 unique anniversary ideas.

1. Recreate Your First Date

Hopefully, you can remember the details of your first date! If you can, surprise your partner by recreating this date. Try to recreate everything you can: pick them up if that's what you did, take them to the same place if you can, and end the date in the same way.

While you're on the date, you can reminisce about that first time you went out, whether it was just a few years ago or decades ago!

2. Renew Your Vows

Renewing your vows, whether privately or in front of family and friends, is a great way to celebrate your anniversary and re-commit to each other.

You can go big with this, inviting others and having a party or sharing a meal together afterward or you can do something more private, with just you, your partner, and someone to officiate.

3. Do Something Totally New

If you're looking to spice things up a little, plan something totally new for you and your partner. Try to pick something that neither of you has ever done before.

There are lots of options out there. Maybe a hot air balloon ride sounds exciting (and a little scary!). Click here to learn how to go up in a balloon anxiety-free if you're afraid of heights.

Making wine together, going to a pottery studio, or even axe throwing (yes, axe throwing) could be a fun and unique experience for you and your partner and is sure to be an anniversary you'll never forget.

4. Give A Gift Based on Your Anniversary Year

Did you know that there is a gift that coincides with every anniversary year? You can find a traditional gift as well as a more contemporary one for every year of marriage. The traditional gift for your first anniversary is paper and the more modern gift is a clock.

Be creative here: concert tickets to your partner's favorite band, a picture collage printed and framed, or even plane tickets to head out on a second honeymoon.

5. Take a Second Honeymoon

Whether you go back to your original honeymoon destination or somewhere totally new, plan a second honeymoon for your partner and pretend you're newlyweds again.

Feel free to tell people at your destination that you're on your honeymoon. You often get lots of freebies and special treatment when you're honeymooning!

Anniversary Ideas for the Best Anniversary Yet

This list of anniversary ideas should get you started on planning an epic celebration this year. Just be careful though: if you plan something amazing this year, you're setting the bar higher for years to come!

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