Gym Mirror Installation Guide and Some Common Mistakes

Modern gyms are decorated with mirrors which are helpful to both instructors and the trainees. Most gyms, whether commercial or residential, are equipped with mirrors that provide high-quality reflections making it even more comfortable for individuals to use them. Gym mirrors come in different sizes and shapes, and the type or shape that you need for your activity gym may be dependent on the amount of space you have an available. If the gym is small in size, then you would need smaller mirrors which will fit perfectly and give you a wonderful experience at all times.

There are also movable mirrors which are more versatile and can be moved around any tie the gym is being used for different activities. For instance, a gym could be used as a fitness center as well as a dance studio. With the movable mirrors, you can easily shift them to create room for all activities that are scheduled to be done in the same space. For individuals who are lovers of DIY projects, they would be interested in installing activity mirrors which are more economical and interesting to have. Understanding the basics of installing a gym mirror will leave you with a perfect and stylish looking activity gym. This article includes a guide on what you should do to install the activity mirrors perfectly. Also, there are common mistakes that are done during the installation that will be highlighted.

Measure the Size of the Activity Gym Using a Measuring Tape

This is the first step of deciding on what type of gym mirrors that you will install in your activity gym. When taking measurements of the gym, you should consider the height, the length, and the width. They will all help you in deciding on the size and type of mirrors that you will install to give it a perfect look. You need a comfortable gym with high-quality activity mirrors.

Therefore, you have to ensure you know the actual dimensions of the space where the mirrors are to be installed. A common mistake while taking measurements is an  underestimation of the space available. This then results in larger mirrors being installed, and it may not look attractive to the eye due to overlapping. If you do not have sufficient space for wall mirrors, you can opt for the more affordable movable or foldable mirrors.

Check on the Height of the Gym Mirrors
Most gym mirrors come in a standard size of 60” and 72”. You may decide to buy either of these two types of mirrors for your activity gym. This is however dependent on the surface area that you need to cover with mirrors. Mostly, you have to be perfect in taking measurements since a slight mistake could result in wastage of resources. Buying an oversized or undersized mirror for the activity gym can cost you much money and effort. You should also consider the width of the mirrors so that they perfectly fit on the wall without leaving gaps which could be unattractive.

Decide on the Number of Mirrors that you Need

When you are in need of making an activity gym stylish and trendy, you should check on the size of the wall where you are to install the mirrors. Depending on the actual size, you should decide on the number of mirrors that will perfectly fit to provide quality images. Sometimes, you might need to have the floor to ceiling mirrors size. However, it would be difficult to have a single mirror filling the entire wall. Therefore, you will need to come up with a strategy that will help you combine many mirrors so that you can cover a larger space on the wall.

Decide on the Method of Installation that Will be Perfect on Your Walls

Deciding on the method of installation may be dependent on the most convenient and affordable. There are primary installation methods that can transform your activity gym from looking normal to a stylish interior. Using suspension ropes, adhesives, or hooks are the primary options for installing activity gym mirrors in an activity gym. If you are using adhesives, you should ensure you do not damage the paint your wall.

Sometimes, using hooks is the most recommended method of installation since the mirrors can be easily customized to suit the needs of the gym owner or instructor. If you are anticipating installing activity gym mirrors in your gym, you should be careful when selecting the most convenient installation method. The mirrors should complement the interior decor of your gym as well as ensure you have a comfortable workout space.

In conclusion, activity gym mirrors should be of high quality and durable. They should also not be installed too close to gym equipment as they may be damaged easily.There should be some considerable distance left between the mirrors and the gym equipment.