Choosing Summer Sports For All The Family

While it might not quite be the weather to don your shorts and grab your sunglasses yet, the weather is undoubtedly starting to improve which can only mean that summer is not far off. If, like so many families, you have promised yourself that this is the year that you will get out there with your loved ones and make the most of the outdoor life, getting healthy and enjoying some sport along the way then now is the time to start planning.

There are so many sports to consider so here is a quick guide to choosing summer sports that your whole family are sure to enjoy.

Water sports
If we get some of those particularly sunny and hot summer days, then water sports can be an excellent way for your whole family to enjoy being outdoors and also keep cool at the same time. If you live near to a beach or don’t mind travelling a little distance, then why not look for somewhere that offers surfing lessons. You don’t have to have previous experience as there will be plenty of places offering classes for all abilities.

Canoeing is another great water sport that is perfect for the summer. It’s also a great way to explore some of the countryside as well. You might want to get some practice in first, but there are plenty of places that will offer this.

Make sure that you either invest in the appropriate safety gear or rent it if you are not sure you will enjoy your chosen sport. And don't forget even though the weather may be hot the water will be colder than you think, so invest in something like a surf robe so you can warm up again after you have been in the water.


If you have only ever tried orienteering when you were at school, then now might be a great time to have another go. This is a great way to get out and really enjoy the countryside, learn some useful skills like map reading and do something as a family. There are plenty of places that run orienteering trails many of which are aimed at people of all ages so you can take it at a pace that is suited to the younger members of your family. The sense of achievement that can be felt on completing a course is a great reward, and you will undoubtedly be kept active as you follow the trail.

If you think this might be a little out of the reach of any younger children in your family, then why not look at geocaching as an alternative. This is another excellent way to explore the outdoors but with a much slower pace. The bonus with geocaching is that your children will be happy to join in the "treasure hunt" and may be less likely to complain that little legs are tired. Just remember to take plenty of little trinkets with you so you can leave something behind.


Summer equals Wimbledon, and that means tennis. During the summer months, lots of tennis clubs run special taster sessions to try and get people involved. This means it's a great time to have a go and see what you think. A search online will find plenty of local places so you can see what events are taking place. You don't need to buy any equipment you can usually borrow it. This is a great way to get involved in a sport, and there is no reason this isn't something you could do as a family.