Best IPhone Spy App Non-Jailbreak

The post-millennial generation seems more dedicated to the internet and mobile phone technology. The studies indicate teens' obsession for smartphones, social media and the online world and emphasize the dangers associated with the unbridled use of the technologies. When it comes to mobile phones, the iOS supported mobile phone devices are the most fascinated smartphones which allow users to instantly communicate with the people across the world. From social media apps to gaming and web surfing, the iOS-based mobile phones allow users to experience the whole new digital world.
The unsupervised and unbridled use of iPhones may lead teenagers to several mental and physical health-related issues. The internet connected mobile phones are not without danger as they allow users to remain online as long as they want. The more kids remain online the more they are likely to expose to persecutors, predators, scammers, catfishers, offenders and criminals. The parents are required to monitor and limit the mobile phone use of their children to protect them from the cruelties in the digital world. However, the unbreakable security of the iPhones has made it challenging for parents to monitor their kids' smartphone use without knowing the passcodes.
Fortunately, there is a way to remotely monitor the iPhone without taking it into possession. There are spy applications that let you monitor the iOS-based mobile phone devices remaining at any corner of the world. Read on to know how the iPhone spy app enables you to remotely track the smartphone of someone else.
iPhone Monitoring and Spy App
The monitoring and tracking applications enable the end-user to remotely monitor and control the iPhone devices of their children. Once you install the application on the iPhone of your kids, you can monitor and manage the device through a confidential online account. You can check out the messages received and transmitted through the monitored iPhone, track the calls and internet browsing history and get plenty of the data recorded. However, many of the spy apps require the target iPhone to be jailbroken to get it installed with the third party app. You cannot track an iOS-based smartphone until you jailbreak it.
Why not Jailbreak iPhone?
Jailbreaking means bypassing the software restrictions imposed by Apple to get complete control over the mobile device. With iOS jailbreaking, you can install the third-party applications on the mobile phone and unlock numerous other functionalities. However, it is not a recommended action as the company does not take responsibility for a jailbroken iPhone. The owner is responsible if anything happens to the phone during the jailbreak process. Moreover, a jailbroken phone is more vulnerable to malware as the jailbreak breaks the security of the iPhone.
Non-Jailbreak iPhone Spy App
The technologists have developed an iPhone monitoring app which can track an iOS mobile device without the jailbreak. TheOneSpy is a high-tech iPhone spy app which can track an iPhone without installation on the target device. You can check out the data stored on the iPhone of someone else and record the activities performed on that device.
How to Get Non-Jailbreak iPhone Spy Solution?
You can get the non-jailbreak solution in a few simple steps. Subscribe to TheOneSpy iPhone monitoring app and get the confidential credentials of the online control panel of the spyware. Put the iCloud credentials of the targeted iPhone and start tracking your kid's iPhone instantly.
Main Features of Non-Jailbreak iPhone Tracking App
The iPhone surveillance software comes preloaded with plenty of features to enable the users to spy on someone else's iPhone. We have rounded up here the main features of the non-jailbreak solution of iPhone tracking app.
Spy on Text Messages
Are you aware of the content of text messages your teens transmit and receive? The spy software lets you read the messages of your children without accessing their mobile phones. The application accesses short messages stored on the targeted iPhone and uploads to the online control panel of the surveillance app. By logging into the spyware account, you can read all the messages and get the contact details of the message senders and receivers.
Track iMessages
The cell phone tracking app lets you monitor the iMessages of your kids transmitted and received on the targeted iPhone. Moreover, you can retrieve all the deleted messages from the online spyware account.
Spy on Instant Messages
TheOneSpy is one of the most advanced spy apps allowing users to monitor the popular social media apps and instant messengers. The application tracks the instant messages received and sent via WhatsApp and Kik Messenger. You can track all one-on-one and group chats of your kids to ensure they are using the social messengers securely and responsibly.
Track Call Logs
The surveillance software enables parents to get the call history of their teen boys and girls. The iPhone spy app tracks the phone call logs of the targeted device and lets you know from whom your kids received calls and to whom they made calls. You can see the call time, call duration and contact details of the callers and recipients.
Track Contacts
The iPhone spyware lets you detect whom your kids are in contact with. By logging into the confidential account, you can remotely monitor the Phonebook of the targeted iPhone and see the detail of the contact numbers including name, phone number, email addresses and other given information.
Spy on Web History
Parents can supervise the internet use of their kids by tracking their internet browsing history. You can find out which websites were visited and what sort of information was searched on Safari and other web browsers.
Track Bookmarks
Bookmarks let you access your favorite websites in a quick way. The iPhone tracking app lets you detect which websites your kid has bookmarked. It lets you ensure which type of stuff your kids takes interest in.
Track Alarms & Calendars
The smartphone monitoring app lets you keep tabs on the routines and engagements of your teens. You can monitor calendar events and alarms set up by your children to stay updated on their schedules.