6 Tips to Boost Your Instagram Business Profile for Better Outreach

Since Instagram moved on from being a personal picture sharing social media app to a full-fledge business platform, marketers have been looking for success on it. Where there might be a lot of different ways to boost your number of followers, success still alludes a lot of people. Yet, when you know just the right ways, you can make your business profile on Instagram just as effectively as anyone.

If that legendary egg post and profile on Instagram proved anything, it was that just about anything can be boosted with the right tactics. It also has become pretty significant for businesses to boost their Instagram profiles to get most out of their digital marketing campaigns.

Here’s how you can do just that:

1: Focus on What Your Target Audience Wants

Good content can be in many different ways. Whether you have pictures, videos or infographics, great content doesn’t always do well on all Instagram profiles. If you have a business profile that is used to sell fashion clothing, no matter how great a post about a new tech product is, it might not do as good. Yet, the same tech product post will do wonders on a profile that is about technology news.

You simply have to focus on what is just right for your audiences. It may look simple enough but is an elementary mistake so many profile owners can make. Unless your business website, connected with Instagram profile has a bit of everything in its product lineup, you need to select posts very carefully.

2: Instagram Videos Pull Better Attention

Although Instagram started as a picture sharing app only back in the day, with constant updates it has evolved a great deal. Content posted on this social media platform is usually high definition. In the modern day, videos might be limited to 1 minute only but end up pulling a lot more attention. When done right, videos can pull in many times more audience attention than static images.

Your videos don’t have to be one-dimensional. Even when real people or nicely shot footage is not available, you can still use images converted into videos or even gifs. Moving and live content just has this effect on people’s perception where they are more likely to pay attention. Whether you need to advertise your products or pass on some information, videos will do much better than images.

3: Let Texts Speak Out Loud

There is a lot more to any Instagram post than just what the highlight is on. For every post that you share including images or videos, helpful text is always a great idea. There are many different types of texts that can be added with any Instagram post, including:
  • Text based descriptions
  • Hashtags for important tags
  • Mention of people, pages or profiles
  • A story to go along the image or video
  • Image embedded text
All these types of texts can help your post appear a lot more attractive for viewers. More references and helpful texts you have with your posts, better understanding your followers and viewers will develop.

4: Make Your Posts Interactable

Gone are the days when Instagram content used to be one-dimensional. Now there are so many different ways you can make your content and posts interactable and intuitive. Some of these include the likes of:
  • Stories that boost engagement
  • Actual clickable links in stories
  • Shop-able posts with linked pages
  • Scheduled posts to boost engagement
  • Polls or questions in stories and posts
  • Swipe up links in stories and many more
All these types of modern intuitive posts tend to boost engagement and pull in a lot of new followers. With these, not only will your business profile attract more followers but you will have much better outreach for your products or services as well.

5: Include Intuitive Audio Playback

When posting videos for content promotion, audio in posts can really help matters. Whether your posts are about any products or are useful in general, audio has the ability to engage people much better. Surveys and research have also proved that posts with audio in them are more likely to be shared by users. Shared posts are quite simply the gold standard for pulling in new followers.

In accordance with Instagram audio guidelines, you should always use high definition codecs. These should help with clear understandable audio. If you have audio about your products, services or contents, users will be able to understand what is being said and share boosting your reachability.

6: Buy Instagram Followers

Before you start to dismiss the idea, consider the instant success this can bring. Of course, the very organic way would be to keep sharing valuable posts until you hit a follower number you are looking for. But in most cases, that can take months or even years. Not all business profiles can wait that long at all when it comes to gaining success for the business.

You can Buy Instagram Likes as well as followers boosting your business profile beyond measures almost instantly. You should be careful about where to buy them from. Hitting any number is an instant possibility offering great success to your business profile in quick time.