7 Benefits of Waterproofing Your Basement

Thirty percent of single-family homes that are built today come with basements. Basements are particularly common in many densely packed east coast areas where horizontal space is at a premium.

If your home has a basement, good for you! Basements make for fantastic spaces that can substantially boost your home's value.

Our question for you, though, is if you're getting the most out of your basement space? If your basement hasn't been fully waterproofed, then you're not.

Below, our team goes over the key advantages of waterproofing your basement to help you decide on whether or not the investment is worth it.

1. Foundational Support

There is nothing more important in your home than its foundation. A house with a bad foundation is a house that can sink. It's also susceptible to rodents, disease, and other negative factors.

Not to mention that houses with a bad foundation aren't eligible for bank financing, which can make it impossible to sell your home post incurring foundational damage.

When you forgo waterproofing your basement, your home's foundation is left exposed to additional stress that it would have otherwise been able to avoid. That stress can lead to expensive or irreparable damage later on down the line.

2. Extra Space

If you slept in your basement without waterproofing it, you'd probably get very sick by morning. That's because a non-waterproofed basement tends to be rather damp and cold.

So think, what could you do with your basement area if it was waterproofed. You could build a gym, a bar, a guestroom and a number of things in-between.

That extra room, especially in a compact neighborhood, is worth its weight in gold!

3. Easier Maintenance

Cleaning basements is a hassle. That's especially true if your basement deals with water exposure on a regular basis.

Water exposure means mold, which can be a hassle to scrub out. It might also mean bugs getting in through drip holes which, especially during harsh weather, might lead to full on pest infestations that'll likely damage basement's copper wire and other expansive internals.

If that nightmare sounds like something you'd rather avoid, a favorite waterproofing basement advantage is that a waterproofed basement's clean up is as simple as clean up in any old room.

That benefit alone might be well worth considering waterproofing over.

4. Reduced Risk of Health Issues

Waterproofing basement advantages aren't all centered around adding convenience to your life and saving money. They also address very real health concerns.

Moisture in unlit places leads to mold production, and mold can wreak havoc on the human respiratory tract. These effects are especially apparent in those that have issues with asthma or allergies.

While you might assume that ridding your basement of mold is as easy as spraying some bleach over affected areas, mold removal is often less straightforward than you'd think.

For starters, mold can be hard to find, which can make cleaning it difficult. Second, mold tends to grow back extremely fast, making typical cleaning efforts worthless in the long run.

The best way to keep mold from taking over your basement is through waterproofing.

5. Lowered Utility Bills

No matter how well insulated your home is, if your basement is not waterproof, your air conditioning and heat are going to escape through it. This is true even if you keep your basement door shut since hot and cool air can easily seep through the cracks in doorways.

Utility bill savings that are brought about via waterproofing basement advantages can single-handedly pay for the cost of waterproofing over a few years. Therefore, if you're worried about the cost when it comes to having your basement waterproofed, it's important to keep in mind that you may end up saving money in the long run.

6. Less Chance of Flooding

Flash floods are among the world's most common natural disasters. Even if you don't live in a flood-prone zone, you never know when heavy rains will overwhelm storm drains which could then create pooling in your community.

The first area of your home luxurious that's going to be damaged by flood waters is your basement if it has not been adequately waterproofed. To avoid costly damages, especially if you're not carrying flood insurance, waterproofing your basement is a good course of action.

As an aside, if you do have flood insurance but have not waterproofed your basement, your insurance provider may see a lack of waterproofing as negligence. That negligence could then void your insurance policy.

7. Boosted Resale Value

This waterproofing advantage is an obvious one. If your basement is fully waterproofed, it's as good as having an extra room in your home.

When it comes time to sell, the idea that your home's new owner will have an extra room to play with will entice a higher offer.

Wrapping Up 7 Advantages of Waterproofing Your Basement

The advantages of waterproofing your basement extend from saving you money to scoring you more space. Advantages also include keeping your family's health in check. Hopefully, the benefits that we've outlined above have inspired you to look into basement waterproofing.

If you do have someone assess your basement to provide you with a waterproofing quote, be aware that most companies are willing to give you a quote free of charge. Because of that, if a company is looking to charge you for an assessment, it's probably best to find another contractor.

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