Top 5 Skincare Myths & the Truth Behind Them

When it comes to skincare, everyone has their own set of opinions and homemade remedies to get them the best flawless skin that they desire. But, most of these remedies are nothing but myths that you might be a victim too.

There are a great number of such hoax-like fact lying on the Internet that will bring you nothing but allergies and other skin blemishes when they are supposed to make your skin gorgeous again.

So, today in this article we are going to talk about 5 of the most popular skincare myths that we all have been hearing for years. Also, we are going to tell you exactly what happens in these scenarios. So, with that being said, let's just jump right into it.

Myth #1: We should buy skincare products based on our age

Truth: First of all, there are a lot of people who do not know the exact difference between skin type and age concerns. Both of them are two different perspectives and this is why it is important not to mix one with the other one.

So, suppose, a lady who is 50 years old has a skin type that is more commonly found in the women ageing between 30-35 years or they might have the same skin concern that younger women are known to be affected with.

In this case, an anti-ageing cream which is suited for a 50-year-old will not work as good as a cream which is more specific to the skin concern. So, instead of choosing a cream as per your age, try to choose for a product according to your skin type and skin concern

Myth #2: Skincare is a major criterion for choosing a product

Truth: The truth behind this myth is quite easy to crack and even easier to understand. Suppose of a common diet that every human has to follow regardless of their background. Similarly, in order to cure skin blemishes like clogged pores, acne, dry skin, sun damage, sensitive skin, rosacea etc., everyone needs to choose the cream as per their needs.

Skin color should be the criteria only when a cosmetic procedure is conducted by a surgeon which is more commonly known as surgeries

Myth 3: Skincare schedule in night requires special ingredients

Truth: Most of us believe that night creams carry ingredients that are not found in the day creams. This is something which is completely a hoax. Most of the day creams and night creams carry similar ingredients and sometimes they are exactly the same.

But, the only difference that you will notice between the compositions of these two is that day creams carry ingredients for SPF protection.

Myth #4: The effects of Peptides and other skincare ingredients are similar to the effects of Botox

Truth: Botox is one of the most concentrated extracts that are used in minor facial surgeries. Whereas, Peptides and other skincare ingredients are not made to be as concentrated as Botox. The reason behind this is that if BOTOX is applied directly on the face, the skin will become baggy and the person will fail to control its effects

Moreover, Peptides constituted products like Zootox Essential Renewal masque is known for its amazing skin smoothening properties are more suitable to be used, anyone

Myth #5: Anti-aging products are only useful when we get older

Truth: Trust me, one of the biggest myths that people believe till this day is that anti-ageing products like anti-ageing creams and anti0aging lotions are only to be used by anyone when they are old.

But, with the amazingly hectic lifestyle that we follow, ageing effects are easily seen in even the youth. So, there is no such thing as using Anti-aging products only when a person gets old.