Invisalign Braces OR Ceramic Braces: Which One to Choose??

Very few of us are born with perfectly positioned teeth & impressive smile. But that doesn't mean we cant have them later. With the growing desire of perfectly gleaming smile & the self confidence that gets a boost with it, and the technological advancements being made everyday in the field of orthodontics, there are more adults than ever ready to get their smile makeover done with braces.

If you have crooked teeth, gapped teeth, underbite, overbite or protruded teeth, braces is the first choice of treatment. But the very first question that perplexes our minds is that amongst the various braces options available  today, which to choose for oneself ? Which braces would be most effective, still economic, works the fastest, & require minimum deviations from our routine life ? Nevertheless, choosing an orthodontic practice to trust for the beautification of your precious smile is itself a very important decision.

While metal braces are often the most economical way to striaghten teeth, they aren't the most esthetically pleasing to image conscious teens & adults. If the prospect of visible braces causes you stress, consider less visible treatment options such as Clear/Ceramic braces or the virtually invisible  Invisalign braces.

Ceramic or clear braces are of same size and  shape as metal braces but are made up of transparent tooth colored (white) ceramic material which blend with the color of your teeth & hence less noticeable. They can also be used with tooth colored or frosted wires , making them even less conspicuous. However, the elastics around them becomes yellowish in a few days. For this reason, your orthodontist may suggest you to choose self - ligating or  Damon ceramic braces, which do not require such elastics , eliminating the unaesthetic yellow band seen with conventional ceramic braces.

Clear Aligner Therapy (CAT) like Invisalign or many of its competitors, are a relatively new & virtually the most invisible orthodontic treatment option available. They involve the use of a series of clear plastic trays called aligners, which are removable & custom.-made just for you. You need to switch to a new aligner usually after every 2 weeks & each new aligner takes the adjustment of your teeth one step further, gradually starightening out your teeth.

Apart from being virtually invisible, these aligner systems offer many adavntages over conventional fixed braces systems:

Easier to eat food with & maintain good oral hygiene: 

Being removable, it is lot more  easier to eat food & clean teeth during the treatment. With conventional braces, eating food is sometimes an ordeal , especially when in public. So much so , that you'll probably give up eating some foods entirely. With aligners, you can simply take them off while eating & brushing, thereby interfering  minimum with your social life. With fixed braces, it is more difficult for the patient to brush & floss, sometimes placing you at a risk of developing tooth decay or gum disease.

Least interference with existing dental work: 

If you have existing porcelain or metal restorations like crowns & veneers, it may be difficult to bond conventional braces onto such teeth, putting your crowns & veneers at risk of damage. For such patients, it is advisable to opt for clear aligners.

Bruxism (Tooth – grinding) patients: 

Patients who grind their teeth require a night guard or occlusal splint to be worn over their teeth. This isnt feasible with fixed braces bonded to teeth. As the plastic aligners are worn on the teeth, they cover the chewing surface of your teeth, thereby acting as a passable substitute for bruxers.

Virtual treatment planning/ Seeing is believing:

Perhaps the biggest advantage of any aligner system is the oppurtunity for the patient to visualize detailed information about their treatment plan & its expected outcome , even before committing to it. This involves capturing a 3-D image of your existing crooked teeth, digitizing it, & via the use of a specialized software, creating an on-screen animated visual representation of the expected outcome.

This presentation can be viewed & modified by the orthodontist, thus aiding both in case planning & evaluating treatment progress. Traditional fixed braces do not offer anything like this.

 It is aptly said that the best things in life are rarely quick, easy & without reflection. So is the braces treatment. Many patients visualize it as a daunting experience. It can certainly be a life-changing experience , especially for patients whose crooked teeth affect their confidence  and self-esteem. No matter what braces you finally choose for yourself, the outcome is surely a rewarding one & a long-term gain. Choose wisely..!!!

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