Comparison between Pollution Masks and Nose Filters(Nasal Filter)

Due to an ever-increasing amount of pollution in the air, especially in the big cities such as Delhi, pollution masks (also known as dust masks) and nose filters are the need of the hour. But which one out of the two is more efficient in protecting you from various harmful gases and particulate matter present in the air? To help you make get answers and make an informed choice for your health, here’s the comparison between pollution masks and nose filters.

Comparison between Pollution Masks and Nose Filters

Pollution Masks

As the name suggests, pollution masks are flexible pads that covers your nose and mouth like a surgical mask. To ensure they don’t fall off, they are designed with elastic straps to hold them in place. While the masks surely protect you against dust and pollution but they are not efficient as they claim to be. The major reason for its insufficiency is its design. The masks do no tightly seals the areas around your nose or mouth and thus allow the dusty air and pollution to enter from the sides. Moreover, when you exhale air, the carbon dioxide released does not get enough space to escape quickly which cause the person to inhale it back.

Pollution masks might be cheaper and lighter than respirators but they do not offer much protection against pollution. Moreover, they are not discreet. It covers half of your face, thus attracting unnecessary attention in the public and making the wearer uncomfortable. It can also make people claustrophobic. Moreover, the pollution mask cannot be reused and has to be thrown entirely when its colour changes.

Nose Filters/Nasal Filter

Nose filters are a better alternative to pollution masks. It is an anatomically designed product with two tiny filters that perfectly fits in your nostrils and protects you from dust, pollution, allergies and other particulate matter and air-borne allergens. The material of nasal filters is extremely soft and flexible, thus giving you comfort as well as good fit. Whether you are running, riding a bike or doing any other physical activity, you can be sure that the product will not fall off. There is also no chance for the product or filters to get sucked in your wind pipe as the nose filters are attached with a bridge that helps in keeping the product in place.

The filters of nasal filters are more efficient in protecting your from air pollution than that of pollution masks. Nasal filters prevents up to 99.9% of airborne matter from entering your nasal passage. The product catches most of the harmful components present in the air at the source (nose). Moreover, unlike pollution masks or dust masks, nasal filters can be reused as many times as you want. It has replaceable filters so when the colour of the filter changes, it can be easily replaced with the new ones. The shelf life of these filters is of up to 24 hours per pair. Another great quality of nasal filters is that it is discreet and barely visible from a short distance. It doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable or claustrophobic. It is easy to carry when travelling and can be worn even when talking, eating and drinking.