Amazing Way to Celebrate Valentine with Relatives

Valentine’s Day celebration loses its importance when you have a family like having parents and children. Because every celebration in house is celebrated with each member. So why not Valentine’s Day too with your family members? And to be true any celebration is most enjoyed with all the people altogether. Also Valentine’s Day celebration is not only about your lover, instead it’s about love. So you must celebrate this day with the people you love and that are your family. With this Valentine’s Day celebration you can express your love to them through actions. Thus we have amazing ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your friends and relatives.

1. Breakfast with Family

It is quite rare that the whole family sits for the breakfast together, so make arrangements for breakfast so that everyone can dine together for breakfast. You can also visit a restaurant where you can find fine breakfast menu or buffet and spend some quality time together. You can also try your hands in cooking and make heart shaped pancakes or omelette. You can also sprinkle chocolate chips and strawberries in the oat meal and serve the healthy breakfast.

2. Picnic lunch or go out

With holiday on Valentine’s Day you can plan a picnic or a lunch out with your near and dear ones. Picnic is better idea if the weather is pleasant and there’s not too much cold outside. You can visit any park and plan a family picnic. Take food along with you and some games you can play to have best times with your loved ones. You can also visit a restaurant for lunch, click amazing pictures and spend memorable moments with your dear ones. Pre order the favourite dish of each of the family member and surprise them. Send congratulations balloons to your friends when they are blessed with new born baby.

3. Entertain with Games

Best times with family are those that are spent in fun moments. So get bunch of games you can spend with your family and enjoy every bit of it. You can have minute to win it games and also have the prizes for the winners so that everyone plays enthusiastically. Every family has their traditional game or a game the family have been playing since years like any board game. Thus these games will help you spend golden moments and times with your family that you will cherish forever.

4. Light up the room

Decorations are very important, only then you will realize that there is a festival. Lights and decoration ignite the festive spirits. So hold a party and call all your friends, family and relatives. You can decorate the interiors with fairy lights or even candles. This tiniest of decoration will lit up the whole night and make this day very special. You can arrange for karaoke and other fun activities and spend this day with joy and happiness. If you have little kids at home, even they will understand the importance of festivals and invaluable values will be imbibed in them from childhood.

5. Movie Night

This is the most ideal way to spend time together with family. You can arrange for a movie night and gather CDs of various family movies. Get together is always the best to repair old bridges and give the relations new start. These movies will teach you so many families values and also give you fun times. If you have kids in the family you can watch kid friendly movies so even they will have fun. Also it is a great way to relax at the end of the day after spending a tiring day. You can send flowers to your beloved and convey these wishes.

6. Arrange Dance Party

Family time is the fun time, so engage yourself in the activities you love. You can arrange a dance party, as it is something which is admired by every from little ones to the old ones. Groove your beats on your favourite playlists and spend most memorable nights with your loved ones. These are the moments you live for and it is something you can cherish forever. Years after when you will look back on these days you will reminisce these precious moments. Thus dance party is a wonderful way of spending Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.
We hope you have beautiful time for Valentine’s Day with your dear ones. And these are the best Valentine dates you can enjoy with family.