Technologies to Think of While Choosing Ducted Air Conditioning in Sydney!

There are many things to consider while going for installation of an air conditioner in your home. The type of air conditioning system to choose for your home is one of the key decisions which you need to make if you are building a new home in Sydney. For each home, a good heating and cooling system is an absolute necessity.

With many air conditioning installation companies, installers and tradespeople all running seasonal specials, the air conditioning industry has become a lot more competitive.

Choosing the best time for air conditioning installations

During the construction phase is the best time to install an air conditioning system as well as before the inner walls and the ceiling goes up. Air conditioning system installers have a lot of room to lay out any ducts or cabling which are required for the ducted air conditioning Sydney during this phase.

After the “sticks” go up, is the best time for them to come in. This is what the wooden frame of a house would be. Ducting work can be run along with any electrical cable which is neatly laid out into the wall and roof spaces at this stage and this would be the first onsite.

This is the best time for the 2nd call out after the external concrete if laid and settled. This is when it connects up all the cables and ducts as this is when the air conditioning system installers put in the indoor and outdoor compressors. You are already in terms of heating and cooling after that.

Which type of air conditioning would you choose for your new home?

Into a few systems types, air conditioning is quite simply categorized. Through their respective benefits and shortcomings, here are the 3 of the more common air conditioning system types from which you can choose from. To decide on which model to choose for your new home hopefully this can readily help you to decide.

Ducted Aircon in Sydney

This type of unit is also referred to as central air conditioning system. Through the ducts and air vents, an internal and external compressor generating the hot or cold air is distributed throughout a home through this. Out of the plain sight, these are installed into the wall and roof spaces. As you can only see the air vents, a lot of home owners prefer this. And this is what makes it a minimalist design.

It is very versatile and suited for any type of house layout, although ducted aircon in Sydney does not come with as many consumer features as a split system wall air conditioner. As they can be easily handled with its networks of ducts, even with larger homes with multi-storeys and harder to reach spaces.

Making it the least cost-effective to run in the long term, it used to be that ducted air conditioning sydney systems consumed a lot of power. Recent advancements in the Inverter technology have greatly improved their operational efficiency however.

Split air conditioning systems

In most of the older homes, the split air conditioning systems are very common. Through the wall mounted blower units, a compressor supplies the hot or cold air. There are many consumer features which are available here. Air cleansing/humidifiers, isensor, advanced air flow controls and many more are what they come with.

For the smaller, single storey homes such as standard 2-3 bedroom layouts, the split systems are more suitable. 3-4 wall units can be supported by a single compressor. You may need to install 2 compressors to support that many wall units which then makes it cost prohibitive if you have a multi-storey or larger home. It is better to opt for a ducted air conditioner in those instances.