Need to Know About Top 10 Maryaj Perfumes

If you are confused about which perfume to try, read ahead to know more. Maybe our top sellers might inspire your next luxury perfume purchase for men and women.

For a perfume lover, it is not always easy to purchase the perfect scent. He or she has to go through an endless range of fragrances to explore all the available options and choose from them to match their fragrance experiences. However, there are times when it can get confusing with so many options to choose from. To help you in making the right decision for your next perfume purchase, we are here with our top 10 list for most popular Maryaj perfumes for men and women.

Maryaj is a very popular brand created by the house of Ajmal perfumes. With an experience of over 50 years in the field of perfumery, Ajmal house decided to give fragrance lovers from all around the world something unique with a touch of age old perfection and a twist of modern contemporary looks, hence creating this unique brand. The brand has a wide range of perfumes and out of all, we have selected best fragrances for men and women, handpicked according to their popularity among the perfume lovers in the country. 

 Here are top 5 perfumes for women from Maryaj:

  • Maryaj Larc Premio: Make your presence felt with remarkable fragrance of tis long lasting scent for women. Having top notes of handpicked fresh roses, middle notes of fruity juicy apricot and base notes of oriental musky and sandalwood, it has a perfect combination of floral fruity and sensuous notes. Great for all day wear, this fragrance is loved by anyone who wish to stand apart on their special occasions.
  • Maryaj Web: This is a unique scent with tempting fragrance suitable for evenings. Designed for charismatic charming ladies, Web has a unique aura about it which never lets you down. It has top notes citrusy lemon and lime giving it a fresh touch. The middle notes are sweet notes of fresh peony and juicy apples. The base notes are quite warm with oriental touch of Musk and Cedar wood.
  • Maryaj Viveca: Viveca is a perfume for someone with tantalizing and charming personality. For the light hearted bubbly in you, this perfume is a true delight. It is a subtle scent with top notes of Neroli, bitter orange and raspberry giving it its fruity accord. The middle notes are full of fresh floral accords having orange flower, jasmine and gardenia as the leading ones. The base note is warm and sensual having notes of patchouli, honey and amber. All these notes combine to give it a soothing scent perfect for everyday use.
  • Atraccion Silver: Atraccion Silver is a delicate blend of fresh and floral scents with a twist of oriental notes. It has a soft scent that is perfect for all day use, however, you can layer it with a scent of your choice for rather stronger scent for important events. Atraccion has top notes of fresh fruity notes of green apple, bergamot and tangerine. The middle notes containing jasmine, rose, bamboo leaves. The base notes of musky, cedarwood and amber for oriental touch.

Here are top 5 perfumes for men from Maryaj:

  1. After Dark: After dark from Maryaj Perfumes is a strong fragrance that is designed for the strong headed man. It has a top notes of patchouli, oakmoss, vetiver, cedar and musk. The middle notes contain mint, lavender, juniper and coriander. The base notes contain basil, rosemary and verbena.
  2. My Status: Define your unique charm and status with this hot and spicy fragrance for men. With top notes of pink pepper, lemon and orange flower it has a fresh kick to it. The middle notes are quite herby and refreshing with cardamom and lavender. The base notes are rich with warm woody notes of patchouli, cedarwood and sandalwood.
  3. Direction East: This is a refreshing fragrance for men who love to go out on adventures. With top notes of floral and citrus accord, it gives it a soothing comforting touch. The middle notes are quite spicy adding a warm effect. The base notes are gentle and woody with amber and sandalwood making it perfect for everyday use.
  4. Ludus Sporty: As the name says, this is designed for men who loves sporty lifestyle. With citrusy top notes you can enjoy a refreshing zesty kick. The middle notes are warm and spicy giving it a herby kick. The base notes are warm and fragrant with woody musky notes. It is great for everyday use.
  5. Wheel: It is inspired by middle eastern oriental scents with a classic touch for the adventurous soul. The top notes contain citrusy bergamot and orange. The middle notes contain floral notes of jasmine and freesia. The base notes contain warm woody notes of cedarwood and musk.

You can try out all these or explore other perfumes from the brand to enjoy a unique twist between oriental notes and fresh modern scents. You will be amazed with its long lasting power.