Keep Your House Secure From Pests

Once there, pests create major threats to health and safety, potentially contaminating food, spreading dangerous diseases and causing extensive structural damage to a building. In order to effectively and timely mitigate these threats, facility managers should work with a licensed pest management company to develop a thorough pest management program composed of preventative treatments, tracking, regular inspections and a set of processes for infestation.
For example, in an office environment, there may be a significant number of people in the building for longer periods of time, which compromise access to the facility. When developing a pest management program, the occupants ' schedules or office hours must be taken into account. Even when offices are closed, sensitive areas or areas with limited or no access can influence the type and success of pest services. It is important to identify and evaluate these areas in order to assess what situation exists if it is not repaired then huge loss will occur so you can also use general pest control services Dubai.

 The common pest which can cause major problems are

    Ø ANTS: Such insects often enter houses looking for shelters or sources of food, especially sweets and protein. They are considered social insects, which means they live in thousands or more large colonies. Unfortunately, if one ant is found in a facility, there are probably many more nearby, making this structural pest one of the hardest to control. It is important to pay attention to general sanitation, because dirty areas for preparing food and undisposed waste can try to attract ants.

   Ø Cock roaches: Like ants, if a cockroach is found in a facility, it is probably nearer. These pests are good travelers and are often transported by carton boxes to commercial structures. Cockroaches are not only considered a nuisance, but also a health and safety concern for the managers of the facilities. Actually, cockroaches can spread almost 33 different types of bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli by collecting the germs on their legs and bodies' spines and transporting them to food or work surfaces. They are also known to cause allergic reactions and cause exacerbated symptoms of asthma through the allergens in their saliva drops.

   Ø Rodents: All these pests, such as with rats and mice, can enter buildings by opening, depending on the species, the size of a dime or quarter. Once inside, materials can be destroyed and structural damage caused by wall panels, wood, plaster and electric wiring. In addition, rodents often defect and decay is a common cause of allergic reactions in humans. Facility managers should regularly inspect rodent droppings in buildings, paying attention to undisturbed areas such as cafeteria storage rooms and warehouses.

The points from where the pests enter in to the house in which the doors can be regarded as obvious points of entry; these are an essential aspect of pesticide management. Doors are not only used as the main entrance for buildings, but they can also be opened during deliveries, heavy traffic periods, to increase airflow inside the structure or to accommodate smoke breaks for employees.

Our Services also includes deep cleaning. Deep cleaning includes extra tasks such as washing indoor windows, cleaning shower paths, blind dusting, etc. For an extra cost, you can also clean your bathroom and kitchen cupboards and clean them inside your refrigerator and microwave. Deep cleaning services start each long running service with initial cleaning of the house. During an initial cleaning, additional attention is paid to those areas that are often neglected. We wipe all surfaces in the house, including tables, counter tops, appliances, chairs, clothes, window sills, sinks and rods. We spend additional time in the bathroom, cleaning the bath, shower, toilet and mirrors. Light fixtures, frames and countertops–we all powder them. Then we vacuum the furnishings and complete the work by vacuuming the floors.