How To Use GIFs in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

GIFs can serve as a fun way of spicing up a social media post, email message or even a blog article. The whole thing is also applicable to the digital marketing drive of your company especially when you wish to express emotion, feeling or reaction in a manner which is simply impossible with words. Apart from providing an excellent communication media, these images also help in establishing connectivity with various groups of people.

Animated GIFs have been around for ages although they seem like a recent phenomenon. Lately they have started attracting a lot of attention given their ability to evoke an emotional response out of its users and avoiding misunderstandings which can otherwise be associated with text messages.

As opposed to a full video, the small file size of GIFs help in adding some multimedia flair to your digital marketing content. Blog articles and site pages which implement the usage of GIFs come out with better results compared to the ones which do not. Today we are going to take a look at 7 ways of using GIFs for boosting up your digital marketing strategy.

  • Promotional Material

It might be tough for retail business houses to sell a product using just its image. Video advertising might not always be possible since it comes with a higher price tag. In such cases, a GIF can come to your rescue as it serves as a wonderful way of creating high end video content without having to splurge out your kitty. Afterall most of us are proud owners of smartphones whose camera quality can easily rival the professional level gears. You just need to click a picture of your product from different angles for creating a 360-degree image slideshow. This can then be uploaded to a GIF maker for creating the perfect GIF which showcases your product in a dynamic format.

  • Process Explanation

Rather than just writing down the process of doing something such as creating a website, blog or any other digital content piece, you can seek out the help of a single GIF or multiple supporting GIFs. This can take the form of bullet points for creating a beautiful and informative visual representation. Compared to reading plain texts, it becomes much more interesting to browse through flowcharts and diagrams.

  • Replacing Video On Website Pages

Videos can be of considerable help in getting the appropriate level of client engagement while proceeding with your digital marketing strategy. An article published in 2017 revealed that 43% people wished to see more video content. This is the main reason behind usage of the same by marketers on site pages as well as site page banners. However, the big size of video files can cause the website’s loading speed to slow down. This is where GIFs come in with their small video size which doesn’t adversely affect the loading speed and time of the site page. The video also loops automatically so that you can be free from worries of additional coding.

  • Call-To-Action Images

CTAs can serve as a great means of drawing conversion for your digital marketing content. These static images coupled with some action texts can be spiced up with the careful implementation of a GIF which is known to guide the readers eye and draw in more attention. Animating just a solitary part of the CTA such as a button can help you in producing more engagement.

  • Video Teasers

Once you are done creating the video content, it is time to promote the same. This is where GIFs come in as it renders adequate help in sharing teasers rather than having to share the entire link. Coupled with a GIF, you can focus primarily on the most visually appealing parts of the video such as eye-catching text callouts, BROLL montages of self-captured or stock footage and graphic intros. These can provide you with greater opportunity to share your content over social media especially as some websites do not allow the playback of native video.

  • Social Media Content

GIF format is supported by all social media platforms for being used effectively in social advertising campaigns. These versatile tools are easy to consume and also rings in an emotional impact on new as well as old audiences. It is also possible to share culture based as well as funny GIFs over social platforms for garnering greater response. 


  • Audience Involvement

Simple GIF makers such as LICEcap are providing audiences with newer means of coming up with their very own GIFs. This can boost up client engagement as digital marketers organise contents for crowning the best user-generated GIF which can either represent the company’s brand or be represented in the upcoming marketing campaign.

It is imperative to note here that LICEcap also supports its exclusive LCF format which has higher compression ratio compared to GIF. You can record a window or your desktop screen by reducing or enlarging the main LICEcap window as well as the GIF size which you wish to record by editing the window dimensions. It is also possible to specify a maximum FPS and pause and resume recording according to your own discretion while using LICEcap. Whether you are playing a video in YouTube, typing something or performing certain Windows troubleshooting, it is possible to record everything with this versatile GIF maker.

Multimedia content has been proven to boost client engagement and convert more leads into prospective clientele. Incorporating multimedia content to your daily campaigns becomes super easy with these stellar GIFs.