Get Your Smile Back With Dental Implants In Hyderabad

There is the closest way in getting that beautiful smile back on one’s face. This is the healthy way that stabilizes, preserves, maintain the jawbone’s shape, density and effective way of replacing for damaged teeth, missing teeth. The first ever surgery in the history is dated back to 600AD.

Modern dental implants are the safest, strongest and minimally invasive technology to support replacement teeth that provide a beautiful smile makeover. The procedure can take up minimum time of a week or a bit longer based on the number of implants to be performed that takes around 4 to 6months healing period.

Dental Implants is that procedure which consists of the implant that provides the base to support the artificial teeth called crown. Abutment which is the connector is placed on the implant to hold the custom made crown to match the natural fit of the mouth. After the surgical placement, the dental implants are invisible and secured in jawbone like tooth roots.

Titanium is widely used mental in dental implants as it is not rejected by the body and is lightweight, strong. Zirconium is the material used for the crown in recent times for giving whiter teeth than other options.

     Natural look – these perfectly imitate the natural tooth enamel. After the implants, it’s highly difficult to differentiate between the natural teeth and the zirconium ones. There is no grey line visibility as seen in other treatment options giving the more natural and aesthetic look.

     Biocompatible – these are allergic free, irritation free and also not rejected by the body. Mouth tissues happily accept these crowns and functions very soon after the treatment.

     Strength & Resistance – these are corrosion resistant to fluids and foods consumed, unlike other dental crowns. These have a long life and got appreciable strength when well maintained.

     Advanced technology – Costs and requires less dental visits than other options. Latest digital dentistry technology CAD-CAM (Computer Assisted Designing – Computer Assisted Milling) is used for making the crowns.

Regular doctor consultation along with brush and floss twice a day makes for good oral hygiene. Avoid smoking and consumption of hard foods that damage the crowns. These simple tips as suggested by Dental Hospitals in Hyderabad make the dental implants successful.
Dental Implants have a >95% success rate with life period as much as 25 years Zirconium Crown costs in Hyderabad around Rs.20,000 to Rs.1 Lakh based on the number of implants in the procedure.

Why Hyderabad For Your Dental Implants?

Hyderabad is one of the top-notch destinations for dental tourism. With internationally accredited Dental Implantsin Hyderabad, experienced doctors, state of the art equipment, dental institutes, laboratories and best in the world implant systems, along with the price savings up to 60-80% compared to USA, Australia, UK, Europe, and Singapore. Hyderabad with good connectivity of flights makes it easy for travel and having so many acclaimed hospitals that get the implants done soon perfectly, the procedure could be availed while on a business trip as well.