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Overview Information on Hydrocodone

Hydrocodone is also has a common brand name as Lortab, Norco and Vicodin as well as it has a generic name as well as hydrocodone-acetaminophen. This is not recommended for children, pregnant ladies, as it has a risk of an increase in side effects.

Why to use Hydrocodone

Being a combination medicine it is used to relieve severe pain, some major incident where it is been used are:

  • Hydrocodone is been used by the people who are seeking for some medication take will relieve severe pain all day long for a longer period of time which is not possible with the help of other medicine or method. 
  • Hydrocodone long-acting capsules or tablets are a class of medication which is called as opiate analgesics. 
  • It works by changing the way of the brain and nervous system respond to the pain.

How to use Hydrocodone

Hydrocodone comes in different forms like extended tablets and extended-release capsules, reading medical guide is important before start taking any medicine it may be avail from a doctor or by your pharmacist and keep it changing on every refill. Some of the major points to be remembered are:

  • These medicines are recommended to take through mouth once every 12 hours.
  • Taking this medication around the same time is highly recommended and gives higher results.
  • This could be taken with or without taking food, the person feeling nausea kindly take it with food or ask or doctor or pharmacist about this condition.
  • Swallowing the tablet or capsule as soon as it goes in the mouth if very necessary along with lots of water.
  • Starting dose of hydrocodone might be low but gradually doctor starts increasing the dose as a body did not accept this medicine suddenly and after taking it for a longer period of time, it stops working for releasing pain. So, talking to a doctor is very necessary for every condition.
  • Never try to stop the medication suddenly without consulting to your doctor as it may give an adverse effect on health like restlessness, teary eyes, yawning, chills, sweating, hair standing, widened pupils, anxiety, weakness, stomach cramps, back or joint pain, irritability, nausea, vomiting, fast breathing, diarrhea or maybe fast heartbeat. Decrease dose gradually is important.
  • If using liquid medicine then tries to measure it correctly using a measuring cup as spoon didn’t do well.
  • It is better to have pain medicines during the first phase of pain because after pain reaches its worse phase it is difficult to control it.
  • Though it is boon for many people but cause addiction sometimes, the risk is higher if a person has a substance use disorder because of an overdose of alcohol.

Precautions before using hydrocodone

One of the necessary things needs to be taken care before starting any medication please read all the precaution once or twice to memorize it, let us just dig into them:

  • Tell your doctor everything about the allergies from any drug before starting any medication, because this medicine might contain some inactive ingredient that may harm by combining with other and cause allergy.
  • Inform your doctor about every prescript, non-prescript medicine, vitamins you are taking.
  • Inform doctor or pharmacist about the medical condition of your health, is there any medical history like brain disorder, liver infection, head injury, breathing problem, asthma, kidney disease, mood disorder, depression, thoughts of suicide, personal or family history to substance use disorder like alcohol or any drug, constipation, diarrhea, any other stomach infection, gall bladder issues, difficulty in urinating, pancreatic diseases, etc.
  • Tell about all the herbal product you are using to your doctor.
  • Tell your doctor if you are a pregnant woman or a breastfeeding mother, since this important for your child health as well.
  • In case of any surgery especially dental surgery than do inform them about hydrocodone medications.
  • Do not drive or use the machine after talking hydrocodone as you feel drowsy or dizziness as it may lead to an accident.
  • Hydrocodone has some withdrawal symptoms like dizziness, drowsiness, constipation, lightheadedness, as well as fainting so avoids getting up quickly while waking up from bed or while standing after sitting, these are common in the early stage of medication. For constipation take good care about health and talk to a doctor about this.
  • Liquids may contain sugar or alcohol, be aware if you are having diabetes, avoiding alcohols, liver diseases, ask the doctor about such things.
  • Old age people tend to feel more side effects like confusion, dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, shallow breathing, etc.

Effect after use hydrocodone

Every medication has its own side effects so do this, but it is better to know it before starting this medicine, discuss some of the facts:

  • Some of the major side effects to hydrocodone are stomach pain, dry mouth, tiredness, back pain, headache, muscle tightening, and uncontrollable shaking of any part of the body, difficult, frequent or painful urination, foot, leg or ankle swelling, ringing in the ear.
  • Some of the common effects are nausea, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, lightheadedness these are some earlier phases side effects and reduced after some time off continue medicine, if not tell your doctor or pharmacist.
  • Immediately call a doctor if you feel stomach pain, difficulty urinating, agitation, loss of appetite, unusual tiredness, sudden weight loss. These are some of the side effects there are many more but remember you are taking this medicine due to its great potential to release pain.

Dose and overdose effect of hydrocodone

Dosage is completely based upon the medical condition of a patient, response to medication.

  • In children dosage is completely based on the weight of the child.
  • The dose should not be increased suddenly or frequently, and never try to take it for a longer period than prescribed. 

  1. Skipping dose is very normal, continue it likewise never take two doses at once, remember to separate two doses of hydrocodone medicine by a difference of 12 hours.
  2. Storage of hydrocodone is also very important to keep these medicines on dry places, in tightly closed jars or bottles, in dry places never keep it in kitchen and bathroom.
  3. It is very important to hide these medicines from children as they may have this accident which can cause worse effects on them.
  4. Never share this medicine to anyone whether having the same problem as you do, always suggest to consult to doctor instead of your advice. 

Many time people take an overdose of hydrocodone they even don’t know about it, symptoms of overdose are:

  • Slowed breathing, sleepiness, muscle weakness, coma condition, slowed heartbeat; narrowed or widened pupils are some of the major effects of an overdose.
  • Sometimes people feel yellowing eyes or skin, darker urine, etc. If in case you need to discard, Always remember to throw these medicine using the steps written behind the medicine box, do not ever flush or never throw it is a dustbin, if any confusion asks your doctor or pharmacist about it.

How to purchase Hydrocodone Online

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